ReBuild Canto  Vocal Technique

ReBuild Canto is a ground breaking vocal technique for professional singing and vocal rehabilitation. It was developed by one of Israel's leading Vocologists, Rona Israel-Kolatt after years of extensive academic research, professional singing and teaching in leading music institutions.

A proud link of  a Bel Canto teaching lineage, reaching as far back as  the eminent Nicola Porpora(1686-1768). Ms. Israel-Kolatt learned the Bel canto secrets from Esther Salaman-Hamburger, whose teacher was Lucie Manen and from Graziella Sciutti whose teacher was Rachele Maragliano-Mori.

The undying truth of the old Italian school of singing  was incorporated by Rona Israel Kolatt into an accesible and highly successful technique of teaching aiming at Vocal artistry as well as vocal rehabilitation.

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